Wine Events & Winemaker Interviews.

Hot weather and refreshing drinks - try and name a better combination. On June 3rd, we were lead through an amazing beer & wine tasting all about Summer Drinks!


On April 21st, we were joined by three local Wineries & Winemakers to celebrate some of the finest wines of the Niagara Peninsula.

Tom Eddy has long been a favourite of The National Club, and on March 3rd he joined us for the third installment in our series of Virtual Wine Tastings.

Jason Axmith is working hard to bring the best wines of Spain to Canadian dinner tables. In the second installment of our Tasting Series, Jason joined us from Barcelona.

Kicking off our Virtual Wine Tasting Series, Prince Duccio Corsini charmed us with his family's rich history and stellar wines.


Have you ever wondered how that amazing aroma or specific flavour made its way into your bottle of wine? Well, Winemaker Liam Berti of Backyard Vineyards might have the answer.

Famed Winemaker Michael Trujillo is well sought-after for his expertise with Cabernet Sauvignon.  Find out the secrets from one of the best in the business: Michael Trujillo.

We know you love riesling, you just might not know it yet! Let wine aficionado Matt Cauz explain why Riesling is his favourite grape variety.

Tom Eddy has sold-out tastings & wine dinners over his many trips to visit The National Club. James Berti sat down with Tom to discover how he become one of the best producers in the Napa Valley.

British Columbian Winemaker, Liam Berti, is a champion of his local bounty. Watch and discover what makes B.C. such a perfect place for viticulture,

Live from The National Club.

We were joined by Bacardi Brand Amabassador Kris Bahamondes & The Smokin' Cigar's Trae Zammit to pair some amazing Tequila's with some truly remarkable Cigar's. Relive this special night with this video in its entirety!

Break out the martini shaker - hosts Winnie Go, Julia Ghazi, and James Berti show us how to make two incredible Summer cocktails!


Enjoy a virtual tour of one of the top 20 distinguished private city clubs in America - the University Club of Washington!

Watch as Master Falconer Darian Frankian showcases his amazing Birds of Prey - live from the Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control.

Let PGA Canada Coach Dave Hartman get your swing in shape for the upcoming golf season. Because, well, we know you'll need it...

Watch as hosts Winnie Go, Abi Tamot, and Gary from Paint & Cocktails guide you through our Live from The National Club Paint Night!

The perfect stir-fry can be achieved in your own kitchen - let hosts Beth Walker & Colleen Bolger show you how it's done!

Ciao! Join us as we learn  to make the perfect pizza with hosts Robert Bruno & Winnie Go.

As apart of our Health & Wellness Series, Dr. Graham Erwin shows us how to manage stress in these crazy times.

Don't be spooked by a shucker ever again - Rohit Tamhane will show you step-by-step how to open your oysters!

Fire up the bagpipes, pour your Scotch, and join us for The National Club's celebration for Robbie Burns Day, 2021.

Up Close & Personal.

Always the life of the party and a key fixture of The National Club's rich social scene, Karen Gilmour joins us to tell us what inspired her to become a member in the first place.

Lai-King Hum & Christopher Cassidy have supported The National Club through thick & thin. James Berti sat down with them to find out how they're still maximizing their membership from afar.

You may regocnize Carl & Jennifer's smiles from around The Club, but you might not know their full story - get Up Close & Personal with a couple of our most supportive members,

Evelyn Li has served on The National Club's Board of Directors and been a passoniate member for many years; watch as we find out how she is utilizing The Club's services during lockdown.
 Carolyn Seaquist made the most of The National Club's services during the pandemic - watch our conversation to find out how you can too!

Carolyn Seaquist made the most of The National Club's services during the pandemic - watch our conversation to find out how you can too!

Cooking Instructionals.

For The National Club's contribution to the CSCM Digital Cookbook, Chef James Stewart showcased a Club favourite: Green Pea Risotto with Scallops.


For those who have had the treat of tasting Chef James Stewart's mushroon risotto, you'll know this recipe is a gem. Watch as James walks us through this dish step-by-step.

For those  of us that get the yips on the grill, Executive Chef James Stewart will show us two different ways to cook the perfect steak. No more BBQ stress!

The Canadian Society of Club Managers asked Club Chefs from all over Ontario to share their culinary creativity and showcase recipes that inspire them, celebrate their talents, and include staple-dishes that their members love. CLICK HERE to find 38 unique recipes from 35 different clubs throughout Ontario in the CSCM Digital Cookbook!


Member Interviews and Member Profiles
Featured member profile - Matt Cauz

Stephen Lautens, former National Club President, has remained a passionate Club supporter through thick and thin.

We sat down with National Club member Arnie Guha to discuss what the 'new normal' might look like at The Club.

Holiday Wine  & Gift Brochure.

Our 2020 Holiday Wine & Gift Brochure was one of our best ever, Have a look back at what was offered!