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The Hurlingham Club
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Ranelagh Gardens
London    United Kingdom
020 7610 7400 
44 20 7731-1289 

Open daily 9-9pm and Sundays 9-7:30pm 

Office hours Monday - Friday 9:30-5pm 

MAIN RECEPTION 020 7610 7400 | MEMBERSHIP OFFICE: 020 7610 7467
FITNESS CENTRE RECEPTION 020 7610 7483 | SPORTS OFFICE: 020 7610 7500
PRIVATE EVENTS 020 7610 7526

Bordering the Thames in Fulham and set in 42 acres of magnificent grounds, The Hurlingham Club
is a green oasis of tradition and international renown. Recognised throughout the world as one of
Britain’s greatest private members’ clubs, it retains its quintessentially English traditions and heritage,
while providing modern facilities and services for its members. Lying in almost hidden tranquillity on
the banks of the River Thames, it is hard to imagine that central London is so close by.

On arrival you will be asked to produce your own Club’s Membership Card and to complete a Reciprocal Guest
Voucher with your own name and membership number and names of your guests. (Guests allowance – 5 during
the week, 3 at weekend or Public Holiday). If your membership card does not have a photo, please provide
photo ID. Please note that Reciprocal Members are allowed 14 visits, and, a maximum of 10 occasions of tennis cour t bookings per calendar year. Sadly use of the gym is not permitted.

Throughout the year, access to the Club grounds is usually from 6.15am until 15 minutes after the Clubhouse
closed. The Clubhouse’s usual opening hours are from 7.30am to 11.15pm each day, except Sundays and public holidays when it shuts at 10.15pm.

Main Reception opens daily from 9am to 9pm (7.30pm Sundays) can assist with general enquiries (e.g. Dining
Room reservations, snooker bookings, social activities and games). They can be reached via e-mail
main.reception@hurlinghamclub.org.uk or on 020 7610 7400

Tennis courts can be booked at the Sports Office in the Tennis Pavilion from 10am (0207 610 7500) up to seven days in advance. Members and guests must sign in at the Sports Office before playing. If a member is playing with a guest, guest fees apply for ever y cour t session. The Spor ts Office opening times var y depending on the time of the year.

The Club has two large swimming pools for members and guests; one indoor and one outdoor. Each pool also has a smaller toddler pool, showers, toilets, changing facilities and lockers. The Indoor Pool enclosure also features a sauna, steam room and spa. Towels are available to hire from the pool reception. For further information, please contact the Fitness Centre Reception via e-mail fitness.centre.reception@hurlinghamclub.org.uk or on 020 7610 7483.

The Club’s restaurants and bars consistently deliver high quality food and ser vice with a traditional, yet fresh,
approach. The Hurlingham Club offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in both a formal and informal setting; please
contact Main Reception for fur ther information.

Contact the sales office on 020 7610 7526 or at events@hurlinghamclub.org.uk

Members and guests are required to be dressed in a clean and tidy manner when at the Club. In par ticular in the Dining Room and Car ver y; members are required to dress smar tly; neither spor tswear nor trainers are permitted at any time; gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and ladies must be dressed equivalently.
Within the Clubhouse, after 7pm, spor tswear is only permitted to be worn in the Reception, the Harness Room
and in the Polo Bar. When playing a spor t, relevant dress regulations must be obser ved; uncovered swimwear is only permitted in the Outside Pool, the Indoor Pool and the children’s playgrounds.
Members are expected to remove their headgear when inside, unless they have a specific religious, medical or other good reason for not doing so.

All Handheld Electronic Devices and laptop computers should be switched to silent mode on entering the Club and kept silent until removed from the Club. Telephone calls using Handheld Electronic Devices and/ or laptop computers may only be made or received in: The Club Car Park, a stationar y vehicle, privately hired rooms, the children’s playground and the Members’ IT Room;  
Handheld Electronic Devices when used otherwise than for the making or receiving of telephone calls may be used discreetly in all par ts of the Club provided they do not cause nuisance to others.
Laptop computers may not be used by any member or guest in the Clubhouse other than in the Members’ IT
Room, the Reading Room, the Committee Room, and (provided that food is not being ser ved) in the East Wing and the Harness Room. Outside the Clubhouse laptops may not be used in the Rose Cour t or on the Polo Bar Terrace. The Committee, the Secretary or the Club Duty Executive may at their discretion suspend all or any part of this Bye-Law on cer tain occasions.

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted within the Clubhouse, any enclosed Club buildings or other enclosed public space or work place within the Club. Smoking is permitted within the grounds but not on the Rose Cour t Terrace, near the entrances to the Gym, Fitness Centre or within the horseshoe approach to the Clubhouse.

Connected by the District Line to the West End and the City, the Club is five minutes walk from Putney Bridge Tube station, at the east end of Ranelagh Gardens. Turn left out of the station and left again under the bridge. The Club is straight ahead.
Hurlingham is situated at the east end of Ranelagh Gardens, at the southern end of Napier Avenue. Sat
Nav users should key in ‘Napier Avenue’ due to the restricted access under the bridge by Putney Bridge
station. On-site parking available, with controlled access. Guest parking incurs a charge of £15 between
the hours of 9am to 7pm, seven days a week. Please note that members and guests park their vehicles in
the Club grounds entirely at their own risk. There are peacocks at the Club who have been known to peck
and cause damage to vehicles, particularly during the summer months. No vehicles may be parked overnight. We reser ve the right to suspend parking at the Club if required.